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About us

Interns Association of Zambia is an initiative that aims at providing financial support to interns to ensure a smooth and less burdened experience during their job training, as well as securing internship opportunities to interns.The Interns Association of Zambia (IAZ) is a non-governmental organization that was established in 2018 to promote the welfare and professional development of interns in Zambia. The organization seeks to create a better environment for interns by providing mentorship, networking opportunities, and advocacy. The IAZ envisions a world where interns are valued and given the resources necessary to excel in their chosen professions.

The IAZ aims to achieve its vision by providing a platform for interns to share their experiences, challenges and opportunities, and to develop skills that will enable them to become effective professionals in their chosen fields. The organization provides a range of services, including mentorship, training, and networking events. Through these activities, the IAZ seeks to build a community of interns who can learn from each other and from experienced professionals.

In addition to supporting individual interns, the IAZ also advocates for policies and programs that improve the conditions of internship programs in Zambia. The organization believes that internships should provide valuable learning experiences and opportunities for professional growth, and it works to ensure that interns are not exploited or undervalued in the workplace.

Overall, the Interns Association of Zambia plays an important role in promoting the professional development and well-being of interns in the country.


- To ensure a smooth and less burdened experience for the benefit of interns during their job training through our financial support.

- To secure internship opportunities to those pursuing jobs in their career.

- To promote youth involvement in community activities and initiatives through our community projects and innovations.

Our Team

The IAZ team is made up of previous interns, interns, and professionals that share the same vision and mission. They give it their all and work tirelessly to raise awareness and guarantee that the association's goals are met.

Enock Miyoba


Gloria Mushinda

Vice Chairperson

Chomba Napanje


Priscah Chewe

Vice Treasurer

Silumesi Muyakwa


Brian C. Mweemba

Vice Secretary

Fred Mwanza

Publicity Secretary

Samuel Chibuye

Vice Publicity Secretary

Joop Tambo

Executive Member

Covert Kumwenda

Board Member

Danies Siwila

Board Member

Astorne M. Choongo

Board Member

Taona Shawa

Board Member

Libert Chilambo

Board Member

Markson Mwansa

Board Member

Mirriam Zulu

Board Member
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